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WorkConnect & SIGIE

The Special Interest Group for Immigrant Engineers group has teamed up with WorkConnect to bring you information about working in New Zealand and resources to set you up for success whilst you are seeking employment.

Help for migrants struggling to find a job in New Zealand

Work Connect helps eligible migrants prepare for the New Zealand job market. It runs in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch – and online by webinar.

Apply for a free Work Connect workshop or webinar

Work Connect is funded by Immigration New Zealand.

Work Connect available online by webinar

Did you know that Work Connect has a webinar option?

Yes, you can get 10 hours of free job hunting support from…wherever.


To access the webinar option, when you apply for the programme select ‘None of the above’ for your location. Check your eligibility and apply here:

Free job search help for skilled migrants and international students in NZ

As a skilled migrant or international student in New Zealand you can get 10 hours free help from Work Connect to get ready for the New Zealand job market.

More WorkConnect resources

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