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Join us, Pay it forward

Since 2009, I have had privilege of serving and assisting engineers who migrated to this country, more specifically through the Engineering New Zealand and its Special Interest Group for Immigrant Engineers (SIGIE). Over the past 11 years of volunteering work, I  have come across many brilliant and exceptional professionals who have dedicated their time, efforts and ideas towards our fine profession.

The amount of exposure to other cultures, the exchange of knowledge, and sharing of experiences within SIGIE have been phenomenal. These have significantly influenced my career and professional progression over the years. Meeting fellow engineers from different backgrounds and cultures has been a real joyful experience. Apart from being a great platform to learn from, volunteering for SIGIE also brings me a great deal of personal satisfaction, specially when fellow migrant engineers land on their first job in New Zealand.

Hence, I call upon all migrant engineers who have experienced the same journey of migrating and settling in to this country, to come forward and share with us and other migrant engineers your experience and what you have learned along the way. And hopefully, you will make life long friendships as I have, in addition to connecting with former colleagues and future work mates.

Zaid, a SIGIE Lifetime Member

SIGIE provides a strong network for immigrant engineers to meet new people and to share work opportunities. It provides professional development, employment and career counselling to support immigrant engineers to settle in to life and work in New Zealand.


As a member you will:

  • Be part of a community for immigrant engineers

  • Have access to free or discounted training events

  • Be invited to a range of social and professional networking opportunities

  • Have the support of the SIGIE Committee to help you settle in New Zealand


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