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Due to Covid-19, the last 2-years has been a very difficult time for many people. We are faced with many challenges at work and in the family, and our wellbeing. It has been even harder for those who recently immigrated to New Zealand.

Here, I would like to talk about RESILIENCE - a powerful word that indicates an ability for us to recover from difficulties in life, and resilience is not a trait but a skill we can develop.

Resilient people are POSITIVE, and never lose hope. Life is always up and down, and nothing is permanent. It’s important to look at the opportunities and to keep strong when times are tough, and to stay humble and keep curious when things are well. Resilient people see the glass half full, not half empty, which helps us to keep hope in the journey of life. “Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground –”.

Resilient people are SELF-AWARE. None of us know everything, and none of us are perfect. When we understand our strengths and weaknesses, we will be more respectful to all people around us, which is the key element to build trust, and trust links to good relationships with family members, friends, and colleagues.

Resilient people are BRAVE. It’s not easy to live in a country with a different cultural background, with different ways to talk, work, and socialise. However, it’s already a sign of bravery to come to a new country, and that same bravery will help us to connect with our local communities and this will lead to new opportunities.

Resilient people are AUTHENTIC. We are who we are when we are authentic. Everyone is different, it depends on our ethnic background and how we grow up, it’s diversity. When we bring our true selves to the world, we have more gratitude for what we have, more open minds, more creativity, and we are happier.

Resilient people are PERSISTENT. The old saying “Rome was not built in a day”. Success will not happen overnight. It needs lots of hard work and maintenance. Sometimes it’s the most difficult time and requires the most effort when success is one step away, do not give up because of failure. Failure is a stepping-stone of success as we can learn a lot from it. Keep trying, and success will open a door for us.

Let’s learn to be resilient people and keep resilience.

Stay safe and keep strong!

Yours sincerely,

​Chair of SIGIE
Joy Chen

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