Networking is key

It is exciting to move to a new country as a new immigrant, especially for skilled engineers imagining many great opportunities waiting for us. However, sometimes we may find it very challenging to be in our dream career immediately without local connection and local knowledge.

As a newcomer to New Zealand, we don’t have an established network, especially in our professional field. We are missing our childhood friends, former work colleagues and close relatives who could introduce us to potential employers.  The best way to rectify this situation is to establish new connections by becoming a ‘joiner’ – join community groups, professional associations, interest clubs, sports teams or any other groups that could help put us in contact with people we wouldn’t ordinarily meet.  It is important to get out, socialise, and meet new people to facilitate building our new network towards our career field. For some of us it may not be easy as it would require getting out of our comfort zone. However, we must do it. We will need to work extra hard to make those connections.  

Going out to meet new people can be very challenging, but you will be surprised about what you can get out of it and the people who you can meet. It can be rewarding and fun and will give you a chance to get your desired job. It could even lead you to a different career that you have never thought of possible!

The Engineering New Zealand’s Special Interest Group for Immigrant Engineers (SIGIE) is one of professional associations which can provide support and help you to build new connections while you are learning, settling down and working towards your new career development. Please reach out to us when you are looking for help!

Yours sincerely,

Chair of SIGIE
Yana Averianova