Keep looking and applying for jobs for which you have the appropriate skills. Before applying for a job, find out about the company offering the job by asking others and looking at their website. An employer will be impressed if you know about what the company does, but also you need to satisfy yourself that they are a company where you would like to be employed.

 It has been suggested that you will have a better opportunity by working through an employment agency that knows how to market your skills, rather than going directly to the company. Also the employment consultant may suggest revisions to the way your CV has been written – but you have to provide the right information to the employment consultant.


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Work Connect is a free programme to help migrants prepare for the New Zealand job market. It's funded by Immigration New Zealand and is available in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and online.


Skilled migrants, partners and adult children of skilled migrants and international student graduates (Level 7 and above) looking for work are eligible to participate in the programme. It includes 10 hours of workshops and individual personalised coaching.


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