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We are pleased to announce the Special Interest Group for Immigrant Engineers will be hosting a conference this year, taking place on 7th October 2022 in Auckland. The conference theme's are 'Topic 1: Highlight the Differences in Overseas Engineering Practice' and 'Topic 2: Case Studies: Sustainability in Various Engineering Practices Internationally'.

As an attendee, you will increase your understanding of the differences of practicing engineering in New Zealand compared to practicing overseas, as well as finding out about some amazing overseas projects by New Zealand based engineering professionals.  


When:  Friday 7th October, 10am - 5pm 
Where: Beca Auckland, 21 Pitt Street
Cost:    FREE
Additional: Conference Dinner, $80

The conference will start with a much needed networking opportunity over morning tea. To follow, we will kick in to presentations from members, who will share their knowledge and personal experience in overseas practice. Check them out below:

David Kennerley, Contractual Mechanisms for inflation: A crossrail Lesson
Ian Yang, Fish conservation from water engineering: A case study from NHRI
Ali Ghavidel, Integrated water resources allocation: A case study from Iran
Jason Lee, Revitalising the water into an urban green river corridor in Hong Kong
Vinay Karanam, Food and organic waste to wealth: A case study

Ram Kumar Rajendran, Fire protection Case studies in Oman
Cindy Xiao, The difference between working in China and New Zealand
Birendra Singh Pal Grewal, Maintenance and Sustainability 
Vinay Karanam, Solar Thermal Project: challenges and solutions

A panel discussion will be held in the afternoon, where attendees can join the discussion and challenge engineering firm leaders on how they are supporting immigrant engineers in the profession. 

To close and celebrate the success of the first SIGIE conference, you're invited to join a black tie dinner at the Grand Millennium Hotel. The conference dinner is optional and is an additional cost.

The conference is free to attend, but for those who would like to contribute to the conference operating costs, there are some donations options upon registration. 

Abstract Submissions have now closed!

There's still time to become a sponsor!

If you're interested in supporting the SIGIE community and sponsoring such a rewarding event,
please find more information about sponsorship here.


Thanks to our sponsors:

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