Who we are

The Special Interest Group for Immigrant Engineers (SIGIE) evolved from an Engineering New Zealand (formerly IPENZ) initiative to provide training courses for immigrant engineers in New Zealand.

The aim of the group is to facilitate settlement of immigrant engineers into meaningful professional employment in New Zealand. Objectives include continued training, professional development, employment and career counselling and social and work opportunity networking.

What we offer

SIGIE will do its best to assist immigrant engineers in their search for professional employment. We are trying to encourage New Zealand employers to recognise your skills and we do understand the difficulty you have in getting the “local experience” employers often request.

We have a process of one-to-one interviews, examining CVs and making recommendations for various things you might do to improve your prospects for finding a professional engineering job. However SIGIE cannot find you a job. You are the one who has to convince an employer that you have the skills they are seeking, and that you can perform the work they expect.

Engineers in New Zealand are expected to be resourceful and innovative. To get your first job will probably require many job applications and disappointment when you are not accepted initially. Always maintain a positive determination to succeed. Remember the motto “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!” Negativity, often resulting from rejection, will be immediately apparent to employers who will have no wish to employ anyone who shows even the slightest negativity. Do not be afraid to ask why you have not been accepted, and endeavour to improve on whatever reasons are given for your being rejected. There may be some employers who will be reluctant to divulge why you have not been accepted, and you must accept their decision. Remember that that an employer is making a substantial financial decision to employ a new staff member. You who have to convince the employer that they will be able to gain from the skills you have to offer.