Engineering NZ Auckland Annual Award Night 30 April 2021

Engineering New Zealand Auckland Annual award night conducted by Engineering New Zealand was a great opportunity to showcase and recognise engineering excellence at different stages of engineer’s career. The annual award night was held at The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron in Auckland which was attended by lots of talented engineers in and around Auckland.

As an engineer who is in the early stage of my career, it was inspirational to watch other engineers receive their recognition. The remarkable contributions they provided for the industry brought to display was a platform for engineers to feel appreciated for their hard work. This motivates emerging engineering professionals to be involved with innovative projects that are safety-focused and sustainable.

The notable vision, brilliance, creativity, and technical complexity displayed on the short-listed projects not only encourages the experienced engineers to come up with outstanding work, but also motivates emerging engineers to think outside the box and to work towards that podium to receive the award.
– Roshni

An overview of the NZ electricity industry 10th March 2021

SIGIE Employment Workshop 27th March 2021

SIGIE’s first employment workshop 2021 was held on 26th March 2021 at Mount Roskill Community Hall, Mt Roskill. The workshop features sessions from SIGIE’s committee members, as well as invited speakers from Madison Recruitment, a recruitment agency, Fulton Hogan, one of NZ’s largest infrastructure companies, and Rakon, a global technology design and manufacturing company. Over 40 participants from different backgrounds attended.